Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday in Durham

On Sunday we joined the throngs heading into Sarah P. Duke Gardens for Easter Mass.

The parking lots were totally full, but fortunately Chris had told us the day before that there are no parking patrol people out on the weekend.  So when we found a safe illegal spot in front of a garbage can, we took it!  And then began the walk into the gardens.

Spring is just arriving in Durham and everything was looking so pretty.

I didn't get any pictures of the field where Mass was, but there was a very large crowd.  Afterward we went to the Washington Duke Inn.  We had already been there for breakfast and were not interested in the big Easter Brunch they were having all afternoon, but they were serving lunch in the Bull Durham Bar so we ate outside which was just about perfect.  It was pleasantly warm and sunny and we sat in the shade.

Then we started the long drive home, which went quite well despite some extra holiday weekend traffic.  In closing, here is a picture of the peach water tower in Gaffney SC.

One more, which I realize looks a bit like something other than a peach!

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