Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30

Here is my laundry room now - much better!  I did this yesterday, but didn't have the energy to post this last night.  The shelf went together so easily and it's sturdy enough for my requirements.  

Today I found the Good Will drop off place which is very useful and I got a couple of boxes out of the apartment.  Then went to Target - needed a new iron and another drawer unit.  Then went to the Container Store.  I had seen the above book shelf the last time I was there and I liked it.  It was the right size for the space I wanted and a pretty good price - $89.  And today, it was on sale!  Over $20 dollars off!  I have most of my cook books on it and now have to decide if I should get a few more for the rest of the piles of books scattered around the place. I know the lighting in that picture is not good.  Took that one this evening and not light enough outside and inside lighting not sufficient either.  I don't like how it looks when I use the flash.  

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  1. The laundry room looks great! I like the pictures you've hung on the wall. And the bookshelf fits nicely in that spot. Your kitchen looks really nice, I can't wait to see it!