Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barnsley Ruins

I took a  walk around the grounds here yesterday, checked out the golf course a bit hoping to see the swans in one of the water hazards, but didn't and soon got bored of the scenery.  Like many golf courses around here the grass is a type of bermuda grass which means that in the winter it goes dormant making the golf course a sea of rolling brown hills - not very pretty. 

So I turned around and headed in the direction of the ruins of the Barnsley Estate.  This site was purchased around the 1840's by a shipping magnate to build a home for his  wife and family.  Sometime around the turn of the 20th C a tornado took the roof off and the house was abandoned. 

It looks like the resort uses this area for evening cocktails/dinner? when the weather is warmer.

You can walk around the inside of the ground floor and there are many unobstructed views of the gardens surrounding it!  Also a bit of information on the history of the place.

Weddings are a big part of the business here, I understand and I've seen a few pictures of bridal portraits done in the surrounding gardens, but the whole "ruin" theme seems a little creepy to me.  I don't think I would want this place as a back drop for a wedding!

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