Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Evening

Cindy says, "hello!"

Spring is coming very quickly to Atlanta.  It's hot here now, but on the positive side, thinks are beginning to bloom outside our window.

The tree in the background is just beginning to get some leaves.  On Friday we walked to Jason's deli for dinner and on the way home I took this picure.

Atlanta is pretty in the spring with all the azaleas and dogwoods blooming.

Today I made a recipe that I saw in the WSJ last week, Pasta with cabbage, potatoes and bacon.  It was very good, although a heavier dish, perhaps more suited to winter temps, than 80 degrees.

I didn't have the ricotta salata that was called for, but did have Mexican cotija cheese which I think is pretty close - not as salty, but a firm, crumbly cheese.

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