Sunday, September 4, 2011

The arrival of Cindy and Smokey

John took the two cats to the airport for their flight yesterday and we went to pick them up in the evening.  They arrived just before 7:30 and due to an incorrect address given on the Delta Dash website, we initially went to the wrong place to pick them up, but that was soon rectified.

 They were a forlorn couple when they were brought out to us from a holding area and Cindy cried a bit. 

We brought them straight into the laundry room where their food and litter box are located and Cindy immediately went behind the dryer.

But, this morning, they seemed much better, curious, looking into all the rooms, all the nooks and cranies.  And of course, Smokey wanted to be brushed.

Although I doubt they recognize that there are familiar furniture pieces here, they probably do notice familier smells.  We think they are glad to be home (or at least glad to no longer be in the cargo hold of a jet). 

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  1. Poor guys :( no one likes to be cargo. Hope they are doing better.