Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekends in Atlanta

       It's different living here in this small, urban apartment by ourselves.  There are many good things about it, but it is also an adjustment.  Like, how do I provide us with something for tea, but not overfill this place with too many desserts? Then I remembered that I did have some interesting pans that make small things - so I can make a recipe and put  things away for another time.  No more layer cakes for a while; now is the time for mini bundt cakes.   

On Saturday we picked up our bikes from the repair shop and biked in Piedmont Park and then again  this morning.  We went around 8 AM today, but it was already getting crowded due to a 5K race that was about to start.  It's still a tranquil and beautiful setting.


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  1. Those little bundt cakes look nice! I can imagine it must be tough to resize meals and desserts. Right now Ray and I eat different treats in different amounts at different times, but when there are more of us operating as a family we will make some changes.