Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Befores and Afters

Things are starting to look pretty good around here.  By no means is the place "done", but it is getting better and better looking so I thought this was a good time to  highlight some of the improvements.

This picture was taken the end of August.  Like any good stager, I made no effort to make this look any better.  Note the yoga mat on the floor, the extra pillows, the stacked pictures, the extra boxes sticking out from the buffet cabinet.

Here it is now, with pictures up, extra pillows stored, although now we have Smokey's seat in the foreground.  The area around that has to be vacuumed about every-other day because it gets coated with hair almost immediately after it is cleaned.

Here is the dining area in August with stacks of books, pictures on the floor.

I realize now that I didn't take an "after" picture from the same angle, but I assure you that the books are gone (most have been moved upstairs and are now stacked in our bedroom), and pictures are hung.  How do you like my picture/plate combo?  I'm not sure if it shows in this picture, but their colors go really well together. 

Here is a really nice picture of my view of the dining area from the kitchen.

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  1. It looks beautiful! And I love how the painting and plates look in the dining room with the wainscoting on the wall. Getting more and more excited to see it in person.