Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh boy, what a day!

This morning I set out heading north out of Atlanta, planning on visiting Karen's Fabrics in Roswell, and then heading out to see Harry's for the first time in almost 20 years. 

Karen's is still a great fabric shop, but didn't have anything that went with my bedroom fabrics.  I'm looking for drapery material to make some drapes because we need more light control at night.  I only spent about 15 minutes there and planned on a stop at Harry's and home for lunch.  That was the plan anyway, but when I pulled into the parking spot at Harry's the car did something very weird.  The key stuck in the ignition, I couldn't pull it out, it made a weird noise, I couldn't move the gear shift out of park, couldn't turn the car back on.  So, I figured it was a tow truck for me, but called M first mostly just to tell someone of my predicament.  Shortly afterwards he joined me and then we spent the next 5 + hours waiting for the tow truck.  There was one mishap after another but finally we got towed to the local Jaguar dealership, got a loaner car and got home by 7.

And after all that, Harry's was a huge disappointment.  It's not Harry's anymore - it's a large, not especially nice Whole Foods.  There is nothing unique  about it anymore and it's not even a particularly good Whole Foods.  I bought a salad there for lunch and had to search for a fork and napkin.  Turns out, these are kept at the check-out and I was handed a single crumpled napkin and fork when I paid.   I won't bother making that trip again.

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  1. That was a stinky day! But it produced the big Facebook Diet Coke controversy